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Over the last 15 years at Kustom Truck we have built a truck for nearly every application. All Kustom built trucks were brought in as new factory rolling glider kits. All trucks recieve factory re-man components typically in the 1998-2002 EPA range with OEM registered warranties. When our trucks leave, they have warranty on the entire chassis (including drivetrain) comparable to a new factory truck. The quality of workmanship and support after sale is second to no one in the industry!

Custom Built Peterbilt by Kustom Truck

Project: 713015

Project: 213015

Project: Voss

Project: 413008

Project: '12 Pete 389 Glider Kit Trucks

Custom Built Peterbilt by Kustom Truck

Project: '10 Pete 389 Highway Tractor

Project: 413004