Photo Gallery of EPA CARB Compliance & Repowers

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When trucks get up there in mileage the owners face 1 of 2 options: First option, sell the truck and purchase another used truck or bite the bullet and get a new one. Second option, replace the existing drive train and repower the truck. If the truck is still in great mechanical condition and taken care of repowering your truck can be a good alternative. A repower can be as simple as a like for like swap, a mechanical to electronic conversion, changing engine families and conversions to meet current EPA requirements. Customers leave with OEM registered warranty on factory re-man components.

Custom  Repower

Project: CARB Compliance '88 Pete

Custom Repowered by Kustom Truck

Project: Detroit to CAT Conversion

Custom Repowered by Kustom Truck

Project: '60 Kenworth Repower