Portfolio of Custom Restorations

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The term restoration gets tossed around a lot.  In our eyes a restoration means taking a non-current production truck and restoring it back to and hopefully beyond the level it left the assembly line when originally produced.  No detail is left out on our end, from bolts and nuts to valves, wiring and plumbing, everything is replaced.  We even like to take it a step further and interface electronic engines into a chassis that was set up for a mechanical motor.  When the customer pulls into the shop, the tech simply hooks up to the diagnostics plug and troubleshoots the engine just as if it came from the factory that way.

Custom Peterbilt Truck

Project: Dark Knight - '86 Pete 359 EXH

Custom Peterbilt Truck Restoration

Project: Big Red - '83 Pete 359 SH

Custom Peterbilt Truck Restoration

Project: Creamsicle - '86 Pete 359 EXH

Custom Peterbilt Restoration

Project: Back To My Roots - '81 Pete 359 SH 

Custom Peterbilt Truck Restoration